Capture and preserve life stories on video through the life review process while creating them into keepsake videos for generations to come

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What is a Life Review?

Life review provides a special and unique opportunity to capture and share a life time of memories through a guided interview. Throughout the process individuals often find meaning and purpose by reflecting on various life events, while also expressing words of wisdom and insights to future generations. 


1. Record

We begin your life review by video taping a guided interview

2. Movie  

Your interview is edited to create a keepsake movie file


3. Watch

Your memories can now be    watched by future generations

Why do a Life Review?


The following are a few reasons why people have enjoyed having their life story video recorded:

1. To reminisce and share special memories from their life

2. To pass down insight and words of wisdom to future generations

3. To capture family history and heritage

4. To create a keepsake

Examples of a Life Review.

Each life story is unique and something to be celebrated. 

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